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How to choose your safe and good-looking car floor mat.

Why can an inconspicuous car mat standing on the ground become the most important thing for car owners before a new car goes on the road?

I think many car owners don't understand this, but after buying the car, they still doubtfully replaced the car's floor mats. As for why they need to replace the floor mats, many car owners don't have any special feelings after buying new floor mats. They just think the car is new, and it doesn't seem unreasonable to replace the floor mats with new ones.

However, there are hundreds or thousands of foot mats, which can be used only for this reason. After buying, they are still confused. I think many people will be more or less unbalanced!


So, let's talk about it fundamentally this time, for example, safety, personal needs, etc. These are the reasons for those old drivers to replace their mats for many years.

In terms of the most fundamental safety, many car owners will choose the free car mats and soft car mats after buying the car. The slightest carelessness in operation will easily cause the brake and accelerator to jam at critical times, leading to traffic accidents, which are common in the news. The most basic element of a good foot pad is fit and fixation.

As we often say on many pages, 3D scanning and special car mats actually meet the real needs of users and ensure safety.

At present, our common fixing methods are the large enclosed velcro and the buckle of the TPE foot pad. Both of them have their own advantages and also have their own favorite groups. Compared with the current velcro foot pad, there is a tendency to be replaced by the buckle foot pad for two reasons: first, it is easy to disassemble; 2、 It is firmly fixed.

In addition, the manufacturer of TPE floor mats likes the design of adding stiffeners and anti-skid nails at the bottom. The effect of fixation and anti-skid is better. I would like to commend the 3W floor mats for their excellent safety.

These are the points that many car owners did not notice, which led to the feeling that they were cheated even after they changed the floor mats after they made a strategy. In fact, it is not. To change the floor mats does not mean how sophisticated they are, but in terms of safety needs and personal needs.

Post time: Nov-10-2022